About Us

Our Startegy

With the data collected by our advanced forecast engine, the neural network is able to predict the exchange rate at an accuracy of 75% and higher. Which helps the trading bot improve its trading algorithm automatically, resulting in successful trades. Our automated trading bot is more reliable because it is online 24/7, continuously improving, and incapable of panic and greed.

This feature allows us to deliver long-term, sustainable value that continues to grow, for all our stakeholders,clients, and communities.

What’s more, thanks to our understanding of the megatrends shaping all of our lives, we’re able to create future-proof, thoughtful, and performance-driven investment strategies. Each with a continued focus on the cryptocurrency and Foreign exchange markets which have proven to be both resilient and attractive investment opportunities.

AI BOT Trading

Our trading bot is directly linked to over 25 crytocurrency exchanges (including Binance, Coinbase GDAX, Hit BTC, Bitthumb and Bitfinex ) via our telegram channels. Bot trading is effective because it is automatic, always online and incredibly consistent. With additional aritficial intelligence (AI) technology, the trading bot automatically learns from trade data and improves its mathematical models and algorithm. Through careful backtesting, our trading bots are able to evaluate and fine-tune trading signals, and determine the system's expectancy. Bot trading is immune to market panic attacks and emotionally-influenced errors that may result from over trading or lack of discipline.

Forcast Engine

The forecast engine was originally based on statistical analysis and scientific research of the cryptocurrency market data and trade patterns. Its has since been upgraded into a vast neural network sourced directly by crawlers monitoring over 200,000 media channels and over 30,000 indicators. According to research, the cryptocurrency market has been directly influenced by trading behaviour. Our forecast engine is able to make objective forecasts at remarkable accuracy and analyse them in a fraction of time it would take manually. The analysis is then sent to our AI trading bot, which executes them as automatic exchange.

Responsible Investment

We pride ourselves on investing responsibly and sustainably, and believe this is the best way to deliver long-term returns for all our stakeholders and our clients. As part of this commitment, we aim to make a positive impact on the communities we’re part of, which includes being close to our tenants and understanding their needs and targets. We’re also committed to social responsibility; in the last 4 years alone, the SwiftSure Foundation has helped over 230,000 children in need, building schools, hospitals, and children’s homes worldwide, from Tanzania, South Africa and Uganda to India and Nepal.